The All-New K9 Cruiser Bowl!

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Patented K9 Cruiserbowl that works!
  • Ideal for in the car, caravan or ute
  • Great for keeping long ears dry
  • Perfect for playful puppies
  • Easy to fill & clean
  • Very durable
  • Different colors
  • Eliminates water play
  • Perfect for tradesmen utes
  • Keeps water cool and clean

For Secure & Non-spill Water Supply to Your Dear Pets

Ingenious, Unique & Intuitive Design

The K9 Cruiser Bowl is a proprietary designed anti-spill pet water bowl built with durability and made for a purpose. The unique design of the water bowl discourages dogs from playing with water. It also ensures that spillage is minimal as water is secured within the cavity of the bowl, yet the water also provides substantial weight so as to prevent the bowl from being overturned by playful dogs or puppies.

Approximately 2.5 liters can be stored within the vacuum walls of the bowl. On average, this amount is more than sufficient to supply the needs of your pet per day regardless of age, size and/or activity, whether at home or on travel. A small opening in the bowl ensures consistent amount of water available for your pets all day long (approximately 20mm in depth) giving consistent supply of fresh and clean water to your pets.

The bowl is made from food grade UV resistant plastic for durability and both the lid and the base can be separated for easy cleaning.

  • Puppy breeders love it… love the Cruiser Bowl because they can’t tip the water out.
  • The Cruiser Bowl is perfect for tradesmen utes because there’s always water left after a few hard corners.
  • The Cruiser Bowl is ideal for those who travel
  • Also perfect for dogs with long ears

Inspired by a True Blue Inventor

The K9 Cruiser Bowl was designed by Mark McPherson, a long-time pedigree dog enthusiast. While travelling across North Queensland to participate in different dog shows, he realized he needed something for his dogs to prevent dehydration and stress during long travels-  a secure, convenient non-spill, self-watering bowl in which the animals can drink at their leisure eliminating any concerns of dehydration or wet gear.

Today, the Cruiser Bowl is being used by professional dog breeders in North Queensland. Additionally it is the water bowl of choice for the Australian Army Canine Unit, Australian Federal Police, Qld Police Dog Squad and Qld Corrective Services Unit.